Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hummer coming to India: Rumor or Truth?

People often think they are safer in an SUV than a Sedan or a hatchback. If you ask me I'll say that the Hummer is the safest and coolest SUV around. Agree? Sunil Shetty’s choice and a definite yes from all Indians who want a muscular and aggressive car that laughs at looks and speaks with performance!

The Hummer is a South African SUV known for its ‘goes anywhere’ nature. It has a Vortec 3.7L engine that is astounding and makes off-roads simpler. Indian potholed roads will feel like butter on toast from inside this powerful animal.

Hummer is on its way to India. General Motors recently announced that the Hummer H3 will launch in India sometime next year. However, GM is a little worried about the market possibilities. The general feeling is that the super premium brand vehicle will represent a niche market in India, but the current Indian market psychology leans towards small cars like the Chevy spark.

I say - come on GM, take a chance! We may wait for a while to get behind the wheels of a Hummer, but if you wait too long there are companies that will take your slice of the proverbial Indian auto market pie and the Hummer will be left high and dry!

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Sri said...

Finally I found someone(;-) ...a lady who doesnt say nasty about the Hummer.
Though they need to be a bit more frugal on fuel,they are the best!
btw in case you are a hummer fan,you would love this video...