Monday, August 20, 2007

Healing Fruits

¤ Healing Power of Fruits

Healing FruitsFruits are easily available and almost everywhere. It requires no hunting, killing, cleaning, thrashing or processing. They simply hang, benevolently ripening, upon the branches to be plucked as you pass by.

Hakims, vaids and doctors often recommend one fruit or the other but they seldom prescribe them as a full and final cure. However, nature’s tempting and delicious food deserves a better deal. It is time to realise that beyond the fruit bowl’s gustatory pleasures, the nutritious fruits possess marvelous curative properties.

There are reasons why fruits, today, don’t perform the much talked about miracles. Wrong eating habits and improper supply are two of the basic reasons among many others that has tarnished the image of fruits.

¤ Fruits Work Wonders

Fruits work wonders during their respective seasons. Don’t expect the same taste, nutritional value and benefits after storing and consuming them at an altered season. Unseasonal fruits and vegetables can only satisfy the sense of taste buds but nothing beyond.

Normally we mix fruits with meals. Usually fruits are taken after meals and that too in low quantity which fails to display any significant result. Fruits are best taken on an empty stomach and is advisable to mix them with milk wherever possible. Taking fruits in the morning and at noon followed by a flat meal including bread and vegetables in the evening is a good scheme.

¤ The Fear of Chemical Use

Fear of chemical residues lingering on most of the fruits tempt us to peel them off. Much is lost during the process and further the use of knife blade earns a minus point in fruit treatment.

Potentially hazardous pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides), synthetic fertilizers, ripening agents (Altar tinted apples for instance), genetic engineering have written off the fate of fruits for once and all.

Unfortunately we don’t have any environmental agency to regulate and monitor the pesticide residue levels standards. Worse still, no one objects the sale of rotten fruits and vegetables peppered with dust and flies. At most, the law flexes its muscles to curb the crushing of sugarcane juice that is steeped in stale water.

Worse still is the story of genetic engineered fruits and vegetables that appear brighter, bigger and tend to stay fresh longer. However, researchers are silent about its consequences, its implications involved in dabbling with a plant’s chemistry that are unknown and therefore foreboding.

¤ Fruits Medicinal Quality

The beneficent aspect of fruits and vegetables are essentially in their vitamin content. Further they defend the body against so called "free radicals" which are molecules that damage cells.

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