Monday, August 20, 2007

Mudbaths Healing

Mudbaths Healing We are dust and to dust we will return is the common belief associated with most of the religions. Still, there is an interval between the cradle and the grave which can amount to good many enjoyable years, joined to earth as element and as mythical origin.
In his desperate search for health, beauty and eternal youth, man has tried everything that nature has to offer as a possible therapy.

¤ The Healing Power of Dead Sea Mud

People visit the Dead Sea to benefit from the therapeutic powers of water and mud of the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth (400 meters below sea level).
Cleopatra and Queen Sheba are known to have used Dead Sea black mud and salts, which contain more than 20 types of health giving minerals, for their relaxing and beautifying properties. The renowned Jordanian Dead Sea mud and salts are marketed throughout the world.
They are believed to be ideal for treating acne, eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot and several other skin ailments. The most popular is the mud masque which helps to tighten pores and stimulate as well as nourish the skin for a radiant and more youthful appearance.
Coating your body with the Dead Sea black mud can provide relief from skin and physical ailments such as black spots, acne on the back, arthritis, muscle stiffness, chilban and rheumatism.

¤ The Mud Treatment

Once the type of clay has been chosen, from among the incredible variety of possibilities, a paste is made of appropriate thickness for the part of the body that is to be treated. Applications can be made in very specific areas, such as face, abdomen or legs.
In general, clay has an astringent effect upon the skin; as it dries it contracts the tissues, giving them firmness and eliminating fat and dead cells.
Apart form this effect, minerals and other nutrients, components of the clay itself, are absorbed by the skin in pursuit of its natural urge to regenerate. Clay also has qualities as a thermal element, which can at times help to fix the body’s internal heat (remember that mud poultices on the stomach have always been considered an effective remedy for reducing high fever). In the same way, a bath in dry sand is a highly effective treatment, in particular for the skin and circulation problems.

Certain exfoliation methods, applied to the face or the body, can be performed with sands that remove dead tissue, activate blood circulation and help to keep your skin healthy and robust.

In spite of the marvellous results of these therapeutic procedures, the over use of this type of bath, mask or application can result in excessive drying of the skin, and it is therefore advisable to moisten it after each treatment to avoid possible stretching and similar counterproductive complications.

The properties of the soil will always be beneficial and enriching for our bodies, above all now when urban pollution affects the normal development of our organism more and more every day and the rhythm of modern urban life keeps us so far from nature.

The heavy stratified earth, Multani Matti (Bole Armeniac) has been used by women for washing hair. Its regular use makes the hair appear soft and shining . It has also been used effectively in epistaxis and hematuria. A small piece of Multani Matti is crushed and steeped in water overnight. It is exposed to the dew and the following day the water is filtered and consumed while the earth paste is applied to the nose, forehead and soft palate. Within few days of its use, bleeding stops. Multani is also useful in prickly heat . A paste prepared by steeping it in water and then applied over affected areas. It is also used as a base for various face packs.

If you believe in clay, enjoy the great sensation that its application provides. See its beneficial effects for yourself.

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