Friday, June 29, 2007

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Red Fort

For It's A Poetry In Red

After Mughal Emperor Shahjahan shifted his capital to the royal quarters of Delhi, this colossal fort sprouted from the heart of his new city, Shahjahanabad. Construction of this stately fort began in 1639 and took 9 years and a huge sum of 10 million to create such magic in red sandstone.

Another Gateway To India

It is said that there were 7 prominent gateways that led the visitor to 7 major destinations right from the fort. Three of them are still evident - Lahore, Delhi and Kashmiri - and you can try walking on these pre-designed paths.

The Erstwhile Treasure Trove

The Diwan-i-Khas or Hall of Private Audience, made in chaste white marbles still pulsate with the bygone glory of the Mughals. The centrepiece of the magnificent hall was the splendid Peacock Throne with figures of peacocks standing behind it, their beautiful colours resulting from the intricate mesh of inlaid precious stones including the famous Kohinoor diamond.

Shop For A Few Royal Artefacts

The famous Chatta Chowk today is known for its wide array of exquisite items that it sells at a royal price. Wander around, bargain and then pick out some impressive items for your loved ones.

Light And Sound Show

Each evening a light-and-sound-show recreates the famous events of Delhi's history. Experience the awakening of medieval India right before your peeled eyes. There are shows in English and Hindi, and the tickets are available from the fort itself.

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